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The reason for the patented design of the Bell Tap was a single rivet aluminum clogging tap. The rivet would wear and the center plate would cross over on the base. The rivet would catch on wooden floors. Eventually the pieces would fly apart. The Bell Tap's patented tab system not only holds the movable sound plate in place but is the fulcrum point for the sound plate movement. The tab that fits into it's mating slot on the base is slightly triangular in shape with the pivoting edge to the rear of the tab. When the dance shoe is off the floor the toe end of the sound plate drops quickly away from the base. When the shoe contacts the floor the sound plate snaps against the base. The action is the same if the toe of the dance shoe contacts the floor or the shoe strikes flat with the floor. On the riveted taps the back of the tap hangs away from it's base with a different action on a toe strike compared to a flat strike. We want our taps to make a consistent sound no matter how it strikes the floor. We have not seen the tabs wear out before the face of the tap is worn to the point of replacement. Many dancers have told us the Bell Taps outlast the riveted taps primarily because of rivet failure.

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